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This directory contains useful tools to work with the old UNIX distributions.

        CrossEnv        - Cross-system environment tools
        Filesys         - Tools to work with filesystem images
	Misc		- Miscellaneous stuff
	Serial		- Tools useful for serial communications
        Tapes           - Tools to work with tape images (extracting from, or
                          creating new tapes)

Note that Emulators/Apout will run V7 binaries on top of your existing
32-bit Unix/Linux box, so it counts as a cross-environment tool.

The authors of the tools here are:

Misc/tih_sysgen.tar.gz		Tom I Helbekkmo <tih@Hamartun.Priv.NO>
Misc/blktype.c.gz		Warren Toomey (
Filesys/bostic_tools.tar.gz	Keith Bostic (
Filesys/cpfs.tar.gz		Erick Delios <>
Filesys/getunix.tar.gz		Mark Bartelt <>
Filesys/grab.tar.gz		Donn Seeley <donn@BSDI.COM>
Filesys/traverse.c.gz		Ken Wellsch <>
CrossEnv/V6_Vax			Arthur W. Wetzel
Disks/rx50-FreeBSD.tar.gz	Jason T. Miller <>
Tapes/512restor.tar.gz		Scott Narveson <>
Tapes/Vtserver			Warren Toomey (
Tapes/tp-progs.tar.gz		Warren Toomey (
Tapes/tarx.shar			Henry Spencer (
Tapes/tarboot.tar		Henry Spencer (
Serial/kermit4f.85.tar.gz	Frank da Cruz and many others
Serial/kserve.mac		John Wilson <>
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