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kermit4f.85.tar.gz1998-Mar-12 06:36:12259.8Kapplication/x-tgz
kserve.mac1998-Mar-17 03:12:2856.7Kapplication/octet-stream
uue.shar1998-Mar-19 00:21:202.3Kapplication/octet-stream
kermit4f.85.tar.gz is a C version of that should compile (split I/D) under
7th Edition Unix. I haven't tried it.

uue.shar is a short pair of programs quickly hacked together to move a binary
file over a 7-bit terminal line to V7. There is no checksumming.

kserve.mac is a kermit server for RT-11, by John Wilson. Here's the README:

	Server-only Kermit for RT-11.  Written entirely from scratch (well,
        based partly on another RT-11 Kermit I wrote), it has nothing to do
        with K11.  It has no long packet or sliding window support, but on the
        bright side it can be assembled under V4 and is FAR smaller than K11
        (which for some reason is written in the style of compiler output).
        Use "REM K SET FILE TYPE BINARY" to set binary mode (as opposed to just
        "REM SET FILE TYPE BINARY", the protocol for this command is not in the
        on-line Kermit spec and I didn't find out how to do it until after I'd
        written the REM K version).  It uses double-buffered file I/O and
        maintains 9600 baud even with DECtape.  There's no prompt or anything
        since it's just a server, just type "RUN KSERVE" and escape back to
        your local Kermit.

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