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These programs are used to get files back from old Unix tape backup images.
Many were written ages ago, and my need to be ported to 32-bit and/or
big-endian machines.

Here's a chart of what each is supposed to do what, and my success with using
it on a 32-bit little-endian machine (an i486 running FreeBSD).

	     tp      itp      dtp      v6
	   backup   backup   backup   dump
512restor			       ?
tp-progs     Y        Y        Y

  ? = it's supposed to, but I haven't tried it yet
  Y = it worked on my FreeBSD box

512restor Readme
This directory contains sources for 512restor and 1024restor, restore
programs which can read V7-style dump tapes generated on 512-block
file systems (straight V7), and 1024-block file systems (Ultrix-11),

Scott Narveson, August 1988

Tarx Readme

Tarx is a newer, cleaner, more versatile replacement for my old targ/tarl
programs for salvaging information from damaged tar tapes.  It does a
better job on various details and has been extensively tidied up.

					Henry Spencer at U of Toronto Zoology

Tp-progs Readme
These programs list the table of contents and extract files from tp, dtp
and itp Unix archives. These archive formats were used in 6th and 7th
Edition Unix, and predate tar(1) format.

	Warren Toomey    March 1995

Vtserver Readme
The VTserver software allows you to install 7th Edition UNIX onto a PDP-11
without requiring a tape drive.

Tarboot Readme

Tarboot is a standalone bootstrap which will load a program from an
(unblocked) tar-format tape on a TM11 or equivalent. When started,
it prompts with `=' for a filename;  it then rewinds the tape and
searches it for a file of that name. The first file of that name is
loaded into core and executed.
					Henry Spencer at U of Toronto Zoology

Newoldar Readme

A modified 2.9BSD ar which handles archives created on a PDP-11 directly from
non-PDP platforms.  Archives identified as "old PDP-11 archive" by file(1)
or otherwise having a 2-byte header of value 177545 (0xff65) can be 
manipulated using this utility.  The omnipresent "cont.a" archives 
fall into this category.
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