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Hello, I'm Matt Gilmore, and I hope I'm reaching the inbox of Warren Toomey.
I've recently worked with Arnold Robbins to take scans of his "Documents for
UNIX" 2 volume set concerning Unix 4.0 as well as a small reference guide
flipbook concerning that same version.

Let me know if I can provide more info, ultimately I just want to get these
out there archived somewhere so they don't get lost.

- Matt G.

[ Arnold adds ... ]

In 1982, knowledge of C and UNIX were not so common. I was working on
my M.S. at Georgia Tech. My professor put me in touch with a friend of
his from the local ACM chapter who worked at Southern Bell, one of the
Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), who needed some C programming
done on UNIX.

The system was a PDP-11/70 running USG UNIX 4.0.  I was given the
documentation to use as reference while working. I got to keep the
reference manual (sections 1-8), a quick reference guide, and a fold out
quick reference card for the MM macros.

I spent my lunch breaks reading the manual and the documents; I learned
a HUGE amount by doing so.

The "Documents For UNIX" were in two three-hole punched binders.  Those
I wasn't going to be able to keep, so I started photocopying them, a few
pages every day; Southern Bell had nice duplexing photocopiers on each
floor.  They may have even had thee-hole punched paper in one of the
paper drawers; I think so but don't remember for sure.

Anyway, when I was done I had the full set of documents for myself.
They pretty much sat on my shelf since then (40 years ago!).  I'm very
glad that I hadn't tossed them and was able to contribute them to
be preserved.

Before packing them to go to the US, I took a quick scan through what's
there; it's an interesting mix. Besides a number of the documents we're
familiar with from V7 / BSD, there are quite a number of others specific
to USG UNIX.  Worth reviewing by all the UNIX history buffs!
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