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Kirk McKusick makes available a set of six CDs which contain the full source
archives of the University of California at Berkeley's Computer Systems
Research Group (CSRG) here:

In this directory you will find:

  csrg_ls.gz		A listing of each file on all six CDs: name, size, date
  csrg_md5sums.gz	An MD5 checksum of each file on all six CDs
  top_level_names	The names of the top-level files & dirs on each CD

that Warren Toomey created in January 2019.

From the web page above:

 The archive contains [originally] four CD-ROM's with the following content:

	CD-ROM #1 - Berkeley Systems 1978 - 1986
	1bsd		2.9pucc		4.1.snap	4.2buglist
	2.10		2bsd		4.1a		4.3
	2.79		3bsd		4.1c.1		VM.snapshot.1
	2.8		4.0		4.1c.2		pascal.2.0
	2.9		4.1		4.2		pascal.2.10

	CD-ROM #2 - Berkeley Systems 1987 - 1993
	4.3reno		4.4BSD-Lite1	net.1
	4.3tahoe	VM.snapshot.2	net.2

	CD-ROM #3 - Final Berkeley Releases
	4.4		4.4BSD-Lite2

	CD-ROM #4 - Final /usr/src including SCCS files
	Contrib		admin		games		local	    sys
	Makefile	bin		include		old	    usr.bin
	README		contrib		lib		sbin	    usr.sbin
	SCCS		etc		libexec		share

The University of California at Berkeley wants you to know that these CD-ROMs
contain software developed by the University of California at Berkeley and its
many contributors.

In the 20 years since the release of the CSRG CD-ROM Set (1998-2018) I have
continued collecting old software which I have put together in two historic
collections. The first is various historic UNIX distributions not from
Berkeley. The second is programs and other operating systems that shipped on
or influenced BSD. The distribution is contained on a single DVD that contains
all the original content from the original 4-CD-ROM distribution, these two
collections of historic software, and a copy of John Baldwin's conversion of
the SCCS database contained on the original disk4 to a Subversion repository.
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