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Here are the MINI-UNIX files.

    TAPE0.BIN   The standalone tape to disk program
    TAPE1.BIN   The BIN disk (RK05)
    TAPE2.BIN   The SRC disk (RK05)
    TAPE3.BIN   The MAN disk (RK05)

When booting TAPE1.BIN, type rkmx at the @ prompt.

I also uploaded MXUTIL.ZIP .  That is the version of the V6 file
system routines I wrote to poke around on my Mini-Unix disk images
while I was waiting to add RK's to my collection.  They are pretty
gross, but they mostly work.  I actually used them to extract the
source code for as and ld, and I then used that to write versions
in C.  Those should also be laying around on my hard disk, and if
so, I will send them too.  They were actually enough to build a 
Mini-Unix system with, if I remember correctly.

Found my "as".  Uploaded it as MXAS.ZIP .  What it is is "as" 
re-written in C.  MXLD.C  is just that: ld.c from the Mini-Unix
distribution (perhaps tweaked for MS-DOS: I don't recall).
FULLLD.C is the same thing, for v6. As such, this stuff is obviously
dependent on a v6 (or Mini-Unix) license.

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