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../ -  Directory
2.11BSD/2022-Aug-29 14:48:35-  Directory
2.11BSD_patch277/2015-Dec-22 01:44:11-  Directory
2.11BSD_patch457/2019-Dec-03 20:19:40-  Directory
2.9-derivatives/2002-Aug-06 10:36:16-  Directory
2.9BSD/1998-Mar-02 06:05:06-  Directory
2.9BSD_MSCP/2022-May-02 23:56:29-  Directory
4.1BSD-19810901-reconstructed/2019-Dec-03 20:21:45-  Directory
4.2BSD/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
4.3BSD/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
4.3BSD-Quasijarus0/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
4.3BSD-Quasijarus0a/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
4.3BSD-Reno/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
4.3BSD-Rev2-Foreign/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
4.3BSD-Tahoe/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
4.4BSD-Alpha/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
Components/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
Documentation/2019-Dec-22 03:48:20-  Directory
Misc/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
Net2/2000-Jun-27 02:08:02-  Directory
Odds_Ends/2000-Jun-27 02:08:03-  Directory
Thirdparty/2000-Jun-27 02:08:03-  Directory
Tips/2000-Jun-27 02:08:03-  Directory
1bsd.tar.gz1997-Jul-24 01:47:071.1Mapplication/x-tgz
2.10.1bsd.tar1998-Apr-17 20:58:4327.1Mapplication/x-tar
2.10bsd.tar.gz1998-Feb-26 01:21:0129.0Mapplication/x-tgz
2.11BSD-pl195.tar2015-Dec-18 14:43:5826.5Mapplication/x-tar
2.79bsd.tar.gz1998-Feb-26 01:27:293.1Mapplication/x-tgz
2.8bsd.tar.gz1998-Feb-26 01:33:305.2Mapplication/x-tgz
2bsd.tar.gz1997-Jul-24 01:56:511.4Mapplication/x-tgz
3bsd.tar.gz1997-Jul-24 02:05:296.4Mapplication/x-tgz
README2015-Dec-18 23:44:350.9Kapplication/octet-stream
WELCOME1999-Oct-10 16:06:031.9Kapplication/octet-stream
net1.tar.gz2004-May-30 03:21:061.9Mapplication/x-tgz
spencer_2bsd.tar.gz1998-Mar-17 00:31:301.4Mapplication/x-tgz
This area of the archive contains systems released by, or related to,
the University of California, Berkeley (ucb).

The directories 2.9BSD and 2.11BSD contain these UNIX distributions, and
were supplied by Steven Schultz, the maintainer of 2.11BSD. They contain a
full distribution, including installation tape images. The 2.11BSD/Patches
directory contains all the patches made to 2.11BSD by Steven Schultz.

2.11BSD 2.11BSD-pl195.tar is a copy of 2.11BSD at patch level 195, supplied
by Tom Ivar Helbekkmo. spencer_2bsd.tar.gz is a version of 2BSD which came
from Henry Spencer.

Most of the remaining gzipped tar files are other 2BSD distributions supplied
by Keith Bostic. They do not contain installation tape images. The 2.9BSD-Patch
directory contains patches to 2.9BSD dated August 85, and again supplied by
Keith Bostic.

The 2.9-derivatives directory contains a number of 2.9BSD derivaties, mainly
for the Pro/350 and Pro/380 series machines, and to add MSCP support to 2.9BSD.
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