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This directory contains a copy of the binaries to Ultrix 3.1.
These were sent in by Wilko Bulte.


Wilko says:
	I finally found the files from the Ultrix-11 V3.1 tape. Would you be 
	interested to have them on the PUPS archive? 3.1 works fine on my
	11/73, who is currently creating a TK50 with 2.11BSD on it.

The contents of this tape are:

File 1: 2 copies of magtape bootstrap (2 blocks total)
        The standalone bootstrap (boot)
File 2: System calls for standalone programs (DO NOT LOAD)
File 3: System disk load program (sdload)
File 4: A file to console copy program (scat)
File 5: This file (contents)
File 6: The program mkfs (make a ULTRIX-11 file system)
File 7: The program restor (restore a dump onto a file system)
File 8: The program dskinit (disk format and verify)
File 9: The program bads (scan disk for bad blocks)
File 10: The program rabads (RA/RD/RX disk initialize)
File 11: The program copy (copy device to device)
File 12: The program icheck (file system consistency check)
File 13: Stand-alone programs for memory disk (file system image)
File 14: rcmds: optional software loaded into ROOT (TAR image)
File 15:
File 31: ucmds: optional software loaded into /USR (TAR images)
File 32: sysgen: optional software for re-loading sysgen (TAR image)
File 33: The ULTRIX-11 root file system in dump/restor format
File 34: The ULTRIX-11 /usr file system in dump/restor format
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