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Physical Paper Label on the tape says:
        Bell Laboratories, Inc.
        UNIX Circuit Design System
        Version III   May 6, 1981

Hi Ron,
	I mentioned to you at USENIX that there is a hope that
we might be able to free up the old UNIX Draw package and give it to
the PUPS folks.  Dennis Ritchie suggested we might try to take the
approach that it was part of the V7 intellectual property that AT&T
sold to Novell, who in turn sold it to SCO (and you folks are now
selling to Caldera). Anyway before we get another company involved, I'd
love to see if we can get path to output cleared up.

        My part of the bargain as to see if I could recover the
bits.  Well, I was able to get my hands (temporarily) on a tri-density
9-track and I have found a distribution dated May 6, 1981 which maps to
the 3rd version of the system.  And I have read the tape!!  It turns
out, I may know of a later version but it's not clear that we can
recover those bits (although I'm still trying).  I believe the version
I found is post Belle and Greg Chesson and my hacking of the Tek41xx
terminals.  The other version I know about is a copy that was around
Whippany and it may have some later updates - but again I do not have
access to that tape at the moment and the media quality is unknown.

Clem Cole
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